Готується до друку ISSN 2223-6775 Ukrainian journal of occupational health Vol.16, No 3, 2020

cientific and practical journal for hygienists, physiologists, toxicologists and occupational physicians

Founded in April 2005



Nahorna A. M., Savenkova N. V., Kononova I. G., Sokolova M. P.

State of occupational traumatism in Ukraine in the dynamics of observation for 2013–2018, UKR, 163–172

Kalnish V. V.

The role of spreading the coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in developing stress and chronic fatigue in the working population, RUS, 173–186

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Modern approaches for improving prevention, screening and early diagnosis of head and neck tumors of occupational genesis, UKR, 187–201

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Investigation of the influence of lead compounds with particles of different dispersity on human blood plasma proteins as an express method for evaluation of their safety, ENG, 202–209

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Use of biomonitoring methodology for evaluation of exposure of the population and workers to metals, UKR, 210–222

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Comparative assessment of hygienic regulations on the permissible concentration of chemical substances in the working zone air in the national and european regulation frameworks, UKR, 223–238

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Peculiarities of changes of psychophysiological indicators in workers of the government military mine-rescue (emergency rescue) services during day and night12-hour duties, UKR, 239–246